Marketing can be one of the most frustrating things to do when you are selling your home without a realtor. Here is a quick checklist to help you:

1. After you have prepared your house for sale, Take a fresh look at all the good and bad features of your house and put it in writing.

2. Next, prepare a list of just the good features and the benefit you have enjoyed from them over the years. Write these out…benefits followed by features. People are attracted to the “sizzle”, not the steak. The benefits are your sizzle. People buy benefits, not features, so get the benefits of your house clear in your mind.

Give this “sizzle list” to everyone who comes to look at the house, post it in the local community center, put it in all the mailboxes in a four-block radius, put a few in all the shops in the neighborhood.

3. Develop an “ideal buyer” profile of who would be interested in buying your house. People living in an area often have similar characteristics. Describe the age, occupation, income, lifestyle interests, and pet peeves. Put all this in writing.

4. Use the benefit-feature list to write an ad for your “ideal” buyer. Target the headline so it stops your IDEAL buyer dead in their tracks! Then use a strong opening line to bring them into the body copy where you describe your house. Always end with a call to action. Make it easy for the buyer to reach you to ask questions or for a showing.

5. Put up a sign in front of your house. As many as 50% of all houses are sold because either the buyer or someone who knows the buyer saw a for sale sign in front of the house. Make sure the sign can be read quickly as people are driving by.

6. Have a script ready when people phone about the house. Keep your benefit-feature sheet handy and use the appropriate points as people ask questions. Be sure to ask a “closing question” to bring people in to see your house.

7. Hold open houses. This is where you will get to speak to people in person so you can drive home the benefits. Be professional as you walk around the house, highlighting the features with benefits from the worksheet you created earlier.

8. Get feedback from people when they finish the walkthrough. If they seem interested, follow up with a phone call within 48 hours.

10. Have a purchase order form ready. Ask for the sale. Always use a lawyer to make sure you are not making an expensive mistake. After the purchase agreement is signed, beware of “buyer’s remorse”. People often get scared and want to change their minds soon after they put in an offer. To avoid losing a sale, be sure to respond with a counter-offer quickly.

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